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Backwood Germany

Starting all over again, that’s how it began: Born in Beirut, Amin Ballouz escaped from Lebanon as a 17 year old during the civil war. After surviving an odyssey, he studied medicine in the GDR. Shortly before the wall came down he reached the West and practiced in London and Paris. In the noughties he came back to Germany as a country doctor in the backwoods of the eastern province Uckermark – one of the poorest parts of Germany. Ballouz speaks of uniqueness, when he’s talking about the locals he became acquainted with. Their stories are gleaming with German history, war and post-war, the current turbulences of a world crisis successively colliding with the everyday life in a gradually deserted swathe of land. Many of his patients share the doctors fate of being forever expelled, the unavoidable getaway from home – “So tell me doctor: where are we going this time?”

Backwood Germany

The Life Of Amin Ballouz


Exsample is a studio for design and photography, based in Berlin, that creates corporate identities through all media, orientation systems, books and all different kind of photography for clients, exhibitions and ourselves. We do consulting, concept, design and production in nearly any visual field and we have a big network for every job. In addition to that we have a little fable for sound-collage, DJing and sound installations which also can be found on this webpage.


During Germany’s biggest journalism crowdfunding campaign, Krautreporter funded a little more than a one million euros in spring 2014 by selling 18.000 memberships. Since, the magazine has established itself as a site for long-form journalism with and no ads and instead supported by subscriptions only, made by journalists who are accessible to their readers and listening to their needs.

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weeklys – longreads and storytelling

weeklys is an add-free plattform for exclusive longreads and it is here to explore and sculpture new identities within storytelling journalism. It is our uttermost concern to make room for more depth, beauty, relevance and a strong subjectivity in digital storytelling.

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